That thing where a single missing letter transforms a cute daycare update into pure terror.

Man, I haven’t been this sick since the last time I was this sick.

Okay, Forsaken really is as good as they say.

Had a reminder set for when I got home, and it triggered at my local coffee shop. I mean, yeah?

Unreasonably excited about combining the new x-callback-url callbacks in iA Writer with Shortcuts.

Posted my first interview linking to a vibrator. 👌

Me: "Oh my god, I can sleep in at this offsite, like I was twenty years younger!"

(wakes up at 6:45 am)

Local Man Makes 10 Hour Playlist For Three Hours Of Driving To And From Work Offsite.

Me, every time:

“Alright, let’s play some Dark Souls! Hm, this is hard. Christ, this is stressful. Fuck. Fuuuuuck. Fuck this fucking game! I’m out! Hmmm. Hm, I’ll have a break. Maybe... maybe I’ve got it this time. Alright, let’s play some Dark Souls!”

i'm in new york this week! I'm going to the SFPC dinner wednesday and then the WordHack event thursday. happy to see any mastodon friends

“I’m growing!,” said Sam, drinking a glass of milk.

Just reset the payment terminal at my therapist’s after seeing it crash with a malloc error. 😅

Heeeeeey Apple, if you want me to use iCloud Drive like a regular folder, don't limit where I can save my shit in there, kthx.

The new iOS 12 Shortcuts app is like Workflow on steroids. I'm in love.

Okay, yeah, opening the camera in iOS 12 is _way_ faster.

TFW you see an ad on Instagram and realise you saw some of it being filmed while on your way home.

Look, software is really hard, okay?

She just watched all of The Americans, and now the kid is watching Russian videos on YouTube. Coincidence?

I mean, yeah, but makes you think, doesn’t it?*

* It does not.

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