My first attempt at a Mastodon bot will be something that tracks my Guardian’s achievements and updates, because of course it will.

@d I would be interested in this, if you felt like sharing it. :)

(All my social media will eventually be #Destiny2) :)

@d 1. It's social time with a real life friend and many far, far away.
2. And much like Pokemon, I need to collect all the exotics .
3. So much to do. So many bounties. Really loving Gambit.

@peroty How good is Gambit?! Forsaken has made Destiny 2 my favourite game now.

I only have a Warlock, so that's what the bot would track :)

@peroty Also, I totally meant to write "What," not "Why." 😅

@d LOL I have all 3. But I mainly play Titan.
Warlock second.
Hunter for the achievement only.

@d But ever since Forsaken I can only play one. There's just too much to do!

@d Seems like all the tech nerds that play Destiny are.

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