Watched four cops with rubber gloves pull on protective glasses and head into the super dodgy motel on Sydney Road. 😬


I looked reviews of the motel on TripAdvisor, and, look, yeah:

"Windows boarded up at the front. Bullets holes in glass. Drugs deals going on outside. Tv bolted down & padlocked. Rattling fridge. Basic doesn't cut it. Rubbish, butts & filth. I was so afraid I packed the room furniture against the door. The other 'guests' were up ALL night. It's a dodgy dodgy place in a seedy part of town! "

@d I know the place. The reviews are hilarious. It’s used as a first-night-out-of-prison address for lots of prisoners.

@d I looked up the reviews after a murder there a few years back 😬

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