@tomcoates I hit the needs-reading-glasses phase recently, too.

That thing where a single missing letter transforms a cute daycare update into pure terror.

Man, I haven’t been this sick since the last time I was this sick.

Okay, Forsaken really is as good as they say.

@scanlime @Danhon Oh yeah, hang on. I remember some big fight between the two. 1Blocker is great on iOS, FWIW.

Had a reminder set for when I got home, and it triggered at my local coffee shop. I mean, yeah?

Unreasonably excited about combining the new x-callback-url callbacks in iA Writer with Shortcuts.

@mathowie FWIW, I found it really useful - we actually did a mindfulness-based birthing class!

Posted my first interview linking to a vibrator. 👌

@nuncamind Ah, that's fair. I love both for different reasons.

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