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Remember when clearing your web browser's cache was a thing you did regularly?

TIL: George Boole (of Boolean fame) died 'cuz he had pneumonia after a storm, and his wife assumed you cured like with like and poured buckets of cold water on him.

Put on Weezer's Blue album for the first time in forever while walking to the cafe, and when I got there it was playing!

Happy Rivers Day, I guess?

Remember when people had their own personal website-cum-social-networks and made GIF icons for people to link to 'em?

The gun I'm using in Destiny 2 has a backstory that makes fun of Apple:

"So! Three new products in the Omolon portfolio. But, unlike other product launches, we won't be staggering the releases.

We will be releasing them all at once.
In a single device.
In extremely limited quantities.

We call it Hard Light.

But there is one more thing."

Me: “Sooooo, my wife and son are away for almost a week.”
PS4: (tries to jump out window)

“Yesterday you were wearing clothes that made you look almost cool, a bit of a hipster, like it was deliberate, instead of sometimes like you fell down a hole and when you climbed out you were dressed.”

My wife, ladies and gentlemen.

Trying to commit to GitHub right now is the ultimate The Dog Ate My Homework, Work Edition.

Got my Sleeper. Never going to Mars ever again.

My niece is learning to code and listens to Pink Floyd. The kids are alright.

I’m so good at Mastodon, I just DM’d myself instead of a friend.

Hey Mastopals, hit me with your suggestions for people to interview on!

I thought I’d had some weird conversations before I was a parent, but my god.

On the one hand, I had to pick up the kiddo from daycare because of suspected hand, foot and mouth disease.

On the other, he ran over and emphatically hugged me and said "Daddy, I love you," so.

Shoutout to the lady with the plugs and the impressive mullet eating a massive fancy burger at 9 am.

(reads an interview with René Redzepi, sees "Legos," flips a Danish table.)

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We eat bandwidth for breakfast.